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Approaching Huagao >Development History

Approaching Huagao



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Liaoning Huagao NewMaterials Co., Ltd. is formerly known as Aohan Huatai Metal Industry Co. Ltd., which was established in 2007. It was the first private enterprise specialized in producing industrial grade zirconium sponge in China, the original company plant is located in Sijiazi town, Aohan Qi, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, with the production capacity of about 1000 tons of zirconium sponge.

Factory gate of Aohan Huatai Metal Industry Co. Ltd.

Finishing workshop of Aohan Huatai Metal Industry Co. Ltd.

As the market demand for zirconium sponge keeps constant expanding in recent years, in order to seize the historic opportunity of the zirconium industry development and raise the market occupancy ratio, Huatai Company decided to build an annual capacity of 5,000 tons of zirconium sponge production line in another place, in November 2017, HuagaoNew Materials Co. emerged at the right moment. The project was divided into two phases, the construction scale of Phase I is: with production capacity of 3000 tons zirconium sponge, the construction scale of Phase II is: with production capacity of 2000 tons zirconium sponge.

In March 2018, after the initial preparation of various projects, the Phase I of HuagaoNew Materials Co. project started to be established.

Land grading

Installing construction of steel structure in the workshop

In February 2019, after nearly one year of intense engineering project construction, Huagao New Materials Co. had asuccessful trial run, Huagao New Materials Co. produced smoothly the first batch of industrial grade zirconium sponge.

In April 2019, Huagao New Materials Co. responded to the opening-door policy of Chaoyang Municipal Party Committee and Government actively, by scientific and technological innovating and industry upgrading, with the aid of its own technology, scale, cost, quality and other advantages, the company connected successfully with Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., which has been listed on the Main Board of the stock exchange, to cooperate and develop together in Chaoyang, and fully finished the restructuring work of Huagao New Materials Co. and Sanxiang Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

In August 2019, Phase I of Huagao New Materials Co.was put into large-scale production.

In May 2019, Phase II of Huagao New Materials Co. started to be constructed.

In October 2019, the project of phase II was being constructed.

      In August 2020, Phase II construction of Huagao New Materials Co. was coming to an end.

Complex building of Phase II

In August 2020, Bird’s eye view of real scene of Huagao New Materials Co.