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Add: Liucheng Economic Development Zone, Chaoyang County, Chaoyang

City, Liaoning Province, China

Tel:0086-416-7996156     Contact: Mrs. Rosa Ma


Main Products: Industrial Grade Zirconium Sponge

Zirconium Tetrachloride      Downstream Zirconium Products

E-mail Box: sales@lnhgxc.com    rosa@lnhgxc.com

We-Chat: Rosa778899


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Approaching Huagao



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Nonstop journey with wind and rain, forged ahead. Each progress and growth of Huagao New Materials Co. is inseparable from the care and help of friends from all sectors of society, inseparable from the industry experts' encouragement and spur, more inseparable from the trust of our customers. For this, the people of Huagao will always be grateful.

Quality is life, Integrity is brand. The company always takes the innovation and sustainable development of zirconium industry as its mission to build a platform for employees to realize their value of life. Dedicated to building Huagao into a longevous company integrated with the qualities of innovation, energy, harmony and environmental awareness.

In the 21st century, with the rapid development of new technologies and new materials, opportunities and challenges are coexisting. The growing Huagao is full of confidence, we will keep improving product quality and service and in other aspects, constantly keep moving forward. Huagao will be adhering to the business philosophy “Honest and trustworthy, Innovation and development, Cooperation and mutual benefits”, and towards a new journey. We will vigorously promote the upgrade of technical equipment, improve the management level in an all-round way, keep our feet on the ground, and strive to provide customers with high quality and low-price products and services, and we will try our best to build Huagao into a well-known high-quality supplier at home and abroad. Even though the competition in the business world is really fierce, Huagao is willing to work together with you to create a brilliant future. Welcome to Liaoning Huagao New Materials Co. Ltd.