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1Patent for invention: Purification methods of zirconium tetrachlorideZL200910187265.6

2)Patent forutility models: a boiling chlorination furnace used for the production of zirconium sponge(ZL201821209029.0)

3)Patent for utility models: a chlorination condenser used for the production of zirconium spongeZL201821209027.1

4)Patent for utility models: a kind of crusherZL201821209031.8

5)Patent forutility models: a purification evaporation furnaceZL201821209020.X

6)Patent forutility models:a distillation condenserZL201821209019.7

7)Patent for utility models: a tank for removing magnesiumZL201821219474.5

8)Patent for utility models: a salt melting furnaceZL201821219486.8

9)Patent for utility models: a dust catcherZL201821219488.7

10)Patent for utility models: a weighing stock binZL201821219475.X

11Patent for utility models: a reducing furnaceZL201821219491.9