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In 2017, the company established a R&D Center, and led by President Zhengjun Shi, set up a R&D team with excellent business. At present, there are 31 research and development personals, including 2 senior engineers, 1 engineer and 2 senior technicians. The middle and senior executives have more than 20 to 30 years of working experience in the zirconium industry. The technical and administrative staffs have a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. It is a highly educated, high-quality R&D team.

Mr. Zhengjun Shi has always been focusing on the research of zirconium sponge production process, who owns the invention patent of purification methods of zirconium tetrachloride, is the leader of zirconium industry technology. He led the company's R&D team, constantly research and solve problems in the production process, continued to optimize the production process of products, so that the traditional technology has been upgraded. Adopting much more advanced technology and environmental protection technology, created a new production process of zirconium sponge industry, to achieve green environmental protection and sustainable development.