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Sun Yongdong, deputy mayor of Chaoyang City, visited the company for investigation

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Sun Yongdong, deputy mayor of Chaoyang City, visited the company for investigation

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On July 6, 2020, Sun Yongdong, deputy mayor of Chaoyang City, accompanied by Liu Lidong, the mayor of Chaoyang County, visited the company for on-site investigations on this year's product output and the development of the company during the epidemic. The company's executive deputy general manager Zhao Dongsheng accompanied the investigation.

Zhao Dongsheng reported in detail to the city and county leaders on the company's work in epidemic prevention and control, production and operation, and project construction since the beginning of the year, and thanked the leaders at all levels for their concern and support to the company. Sun Yongdong highly praised the company for overcoming difficulties and advancing work steadily and effectively. He emphasized that under the current situation, epidemic prevention and control is as important as production and operation. It is necessary to take strict measures to prevent and control, but also to stabilize production and promote development. It is necessary to grasp both hands with both hands. Enterprises should guide and unite employees to overcome difficulties together, advance various production and operation tasks in a scientific, safe, and orderly manner, rely on scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, and further expand and strengthen the enterprise for the social and economic development of Chaoyang area Make more contributions.

Sun Yongdong also asked the relevant departments at the city and county levels to think about what the company thinks, be anxious about what the company wants, take the initiative to serve the front, and create a good external environment for the rapid development of the company.